Small single size, 2ft6 x 6ft3"

Enjoy the comfort, luxury and support of this great combination mattress. Featuring 1,000 pocket springs, visco elastic memory foam, Reflex foam, Bamboo cover, finished with a machine quilted, super soft stretch upholstery, a great price...what more could you want!

Medium firm feel pocket sprung mattress with generous layers of upholstery including Visco elastic memory foam, Reflex foam and deep layers of upholstery including Satin pads. This is a very nice, deep filled mattress.

With 1,000 hand nested pocket springs, and a layer of visco elastic memory foam this mattress is designed to closely contour to the shape of your body to provide individual contoured support across the entire sleeping surface.

The sleeping surface is a soft knitted fabric with fine bamboo fibres woven into it making it HypoAllergenic (anti dustmite) more breathable and super stretch fabric. Rather than the traditional 'buttons', this mattress is micro quilted, so there are no 'buttons' (tufts) on this mattress, so it has a smoother finish to it, which some people prefer.

It's a great mattress.  Manufactured here in the UK using a medium spring. Finished in a high quality super soft stretch fabric, with vents along the side to allow the mattress to breathe and stay cool.

This mattress does not need to be turned, but there are handles along the side for ease of rotating.

Overall, a well made and supportive mattress at a great price.

Approx depth 26cm

medium firm Firmnessmemory foampocket sprungreflex foamDUSTMITE RESISTANTno turnselect day delivery