A high quality visco elastic memory foam mattress with a high number of springs for unsurpassed support and body alignment.

  • Approx 2,000 individual pocket springs (when counted in the 5ft, therefore a 6ft has more than 2,000).
  •  Each spring is designed to contour and follow the shape of the body, resulting in a mattress that supports far better than a more traditional spring. 
  • Our pocket springs also ensure 'no roll together' and significantly less bounce when your partner moves in bed, ensuring a restful nights sleep.
  • The mattress also has a layer of pressure relieving visco elastic memory foam which provides additional contouring of the body.  
  • The memory foam does not get hot, thanks to the way in which the foam is layered onto the springs. This allows the springs to bring fresh air into the mattress and expel warm air. The mattress also has brass venting caps along the side of the mattress, again this helps the mattress to stay cool.
  • The outer cover is a soft knitted fabric which is designed to stretch easily as the mattress contours to the shape of your body.  
  • The mattress does not need to be turned, you only need to rotate the mattress to look after it.
  • The fabric of the mattress contains Aloe Vera, which makes the outer cover of the mattress supersoft, and soothes the skin with skin-nourishing qualities.
  • The natural Aloe Vera gel gently cleanses and protects skin against the damaging effects of the environment and stimulates new skin growth.
  • Please ensure a mobile number is provided, this will help with the speed and efficiency of the delivery.
medium Firmnessmemory foampocket sprungno turn7-10 day delivery