3ft6" Extra Wide Pocket Sprung Mattress.

A well made, and comfortable mattress using hand nested pocket springs, then layererd with foam and soft fibres.  The mattress is 'contoured' meaning that there are firmer springs in the middle, with softer springs at the shoulder area. This unique design allows the firmer springs to support the heaviest part of the body, the hip area, while the softer springs towards the shoulder area are more forgiving, which reduces restlessness, tossing and turning in the night because there is less pressure on the shoulders which can restrict blood flow.

The Mattress is approx 10" deep with deep and plush qulited upholstery fillings on both sides.

The Mattress has a hand tufted Pocket Spring system which offers superb support without being too firm.

The Mattress is upholstered in a stylish damask fabric.

Flag stitched handles.
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Dimensions approx:
Depth 10" (25cm)
Width 3ft6" (107cm)
Length 6ft3 (190cm)




medium Firmness4-8 day delivery