A high quality, 2000 pocketed spring mattress designed to provide exceptional support and body alignment.
Upholstered using natural fillings including cashmere and wool.
  • Approx 2,000 individual pocket springs (when counted in the 5ft, therefore a 6ft has more than 2,000).
  • Each spring is designed to contour and follow the shape of the body, resulting in a mattress that supports far better than a more traditional spring. 
  • Our pocket springs also ensure 'no roll together' and significantly less bounce when your partner moves in bed, ensuring a restful nights sleep.
  • The mattress is upholstered with natural fibres including cashmere and wool.
  • Cashmere is renowned for its warmth and extra softness.
  • Wool also provides natural insulating prooperties for warmth in the winter and cosiness.
  • The mattress also has brass venting caps along the side of the mattress, this helps the mattress to stay cool.
  • Strong, embroidered handles along the side for easy turning of the mattress.
  • The outer cover is a very high quality Beglian damask fabric.
  • Please ensure a mobile number is provided, this will help with the speed and efficiency of the delivery.
medium Firmnesspocket sprungwool7-10 day delivery