6ft x 6ft6" Zipped mattress to form a 6ft Superking mattress.
Made up of two 3ft x 6ft6 mattresses which connect together to form a 6ft superking size mattress. The mattresses have a specially designed zip system to ensure the mattresses join together to form one sleeping surface and allow the mattresses to be seperated if used on beds which are to be used as individual singles.
The mattresses are a medium tension, with sumptiously soft layers of fillings on the sleeping surfaces so you get great support without a firm feel.
The mattress has a unique 'zoned' area of the mattress.
There are firmer springs in the centre of the mattress, and softer springs at the shoulder area of the mattress.  The benefit of this is so that the springs aren't too firm at the shoulder area, therefore reducing the amount we toss and turn at night due to restricted blood flow if too firm on the shoulders.
The upholstery is a high quality Belgian damask fabric which is vented for superior air circulation and moisture reduction.
Overall dimensions when zipped together:
180cm (6ft) x 200cm (6ft6)
Mattress depth approx 26cm
NOTE - Image shows mattresses on a bed frame which is not included.


medium Firmness4-8 day delivery