Developed over many years to what it is today.

This mattress has so much to offer.

Superb quality, a flatter sleeping surface (no tufts), added benefits of a summer and winter sides (wool layers on one side, cotton layers on the other), handles for easier turning, vents for better temperature and moisture control and covered in a superior soft damask fabric which is both hard wearing and smooth to the touch.

A great mattress which is approx 10" (25cm) deep.

Suitable for bedsteads or divan bases.

The mattress consists of two 3ft x 6ft6 mattresses which connect together to form a 6ft superking size mattress. The mattresses have a specially designed zip system to ensure the mattresses join together to form one sleeping surface and allow the mattresses to be seperated or if used on beds which are to be used as individual singles.
Overall dimensions when zipped together:
180cm (6ft) x 200cm (6ft6)
firm Firmnessopen coil
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