The Visco Royal divan has been so popular in other sizes we are now stocking this superb bed in the 6ft super king size.

This lovely divan bed features a medium tension "no turn" spring system with a deep layer of visco elastic memory foam on the sleeping surface and then covered in a super soft deluxe knitted fabric. Hand tufted with soft felt tufts for comfort.

The mattress is vented for superior air circulation and cooling properties.

The divan base is constructed with a timber frame and upholstered in a matching colour fabric.

The base is in two pieces (two 3ft wide x 6ft6 sections) which link together once the bed is in place after delivery.

Available with or without four drawers.

  • Medium tension/feel.
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Dustmite resistant
  • No turn
Dimensions approx:
180cm wide (6')
200cm long (6'6")
Mattress 23cm deep (9")
Total height from floor to top of mattress 64cm (25")
Headboard not included.

Available Options

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Base Type

Non Storage Base

Non Storage Base

4 Drawer Base

4 Drawer Base

+ £100.00

medium Firmnessopen coilDUSTMITE RESISTANTno turn
4-8 day delivery