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Tempur Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattresses.

We frequently get asked about Tempur-style memory foam mattresses.

Visco memory foam Mattresses

There are many manufacturers who use visco elastic memory foam, including Tempur, Cumfilux, King Coil, Sealy, Sweet Dreams, Relaxsan, Silent Night, Memflex, Breasley etc. Over the years we have developed our own Reliefer Foam™ range of memory mattresses.

We often get asked ‘can we try your Tempur-style memory foam mattresses’. Memory foam mattresses have become increasingly popular due to their incredibly supportive and comfortable feel.

We do not stock the Tempur brand of visco elastic memory foam but keep different memory foam mattress types in stock for same day delivery including Reliefer Luxury Visco™
range and standard foam mattresses in different feels – Posturefeel, Orthofeel and Duofeel. We also stock a mixed pocketed and Visco Reliefer Luxury™ foam mattress, the Visco Countess.

Common comments and questions we hear at Helibeds about Memory Foam are:

How does Memory Foam work?
The way a memory foam mattress works is when you are in direct contact with the mattress it warms with your body temperature, making the mattress pliable, so it in turn contours to support you completely.

So why Memory Foam?
Using a Visco Memory Foam mattress can promote good blood circulation, they are hypo-allergic and dust mite resistant. They are Eco-Friendly and delivered to you vacuum packed. All of Helibeds memory foam mattresses are also suitable for any divan or frame.

The health benefits are numerous and medical trials and extensive testimonials have proven that sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress can help alleviate the following conditions.

  • Back & Neck Pain – Correct spinal alignment has many benefits.
  • Headaches & Migraines – Sufficient support will help neck muscles to relax, therefore preventing tension headaches.
  • Pelvic & Hip Pain – Reduces the risk of swollen hip joints or aching pelvic areas by contouring to the body’s shape.
  • Arthritis – Less stress on joints can reduce pressure and help ease arthritic pain.
  • Circulatory Problems – The weight of the body is absorbed by the Memory Foam allowing the blood to circulate efficiently throughout the body preventing bed sores, swollen calves and feet.
  • Allergies – Our Memory Foam is dust-mite resistant and anti-microbial, ideal for asthma sufferers, showing immediate improvement.
  • Pregnancy Support – Our Memory Foam Mattress provides you unparalleled support wherever you require it the most. It cradles to your body shape, absorbing the weight giving you a more restful and comfortable sleep.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E) has recommended the use of Memory Foam Mattresses to the N.H.S. as a very effective way of increasing patients health benefits.

I’ve heard Memory Foam can make you hot?
Any foam based mattress can be warmer than a traditional mattress due to the fact that foam is a better insulator of heat. Most people find they adjust within a week or so. We also recommend considering a lower TOG value quilt than you may be used to.

Our Reliefer Luxury Visco™ memory foam comes in two different feels, the Reliefer Luxury Visco™ and the Reliefer Luxury Pillow Top™ along with matching pillows, an essential extra to align you correctly on the mattress. Made with the same high grade foam they compliment the mattress perfectly. Both are encased in a removable breathable cover to aid air circulation and the Reliefer Luxury Pillow Top™ has the added advantage of being serrated (also know as convoluted) with-in the pillow-top to add even more ventilation.

Why do Memory Foam mattresses differ in price so much?
As with any product all memory foam will come in different types and qualities. Helibeds have worked closely with leading manufacturers to bring you the highest quality and also affordable mattresses.

While the initial cost of inexpensive foam is attractive you’ll find that they last for up to 8 years LESS than a good quality mattress does so it is always worth investing in a good quality model.

Cheap memory foam mattresses are made of low density visco-elastic foam which has bigger but fewer open cells. The air is spread around the mattress quicker so you sink in faster. This may initially feel nice and soft to begin with but the mattress or bed doesn’t have much body within it to provide a proper cushion to your body.

Good quality mattresses like Helibeds Luxury Visco™ and Helibeds Reliefer Ranges however, let you sink in but not so much that it’s a chore rolling over. They let you sink in only where softened with body heat while the rest of the mattress keeps you well cushioned.

We do not stock the Tempur brand of memory foam but as you can see we do stock a wide range of excellent quality visco elastic memory foam mattresses which offer not only superb value for money but a superb nights sleep!