A good nights sleep can “improve athletic performance”

Looking for ways to increase or improve your performance? You may want to think about getting more sleep at night as new research reveals this is one way to boost athletic prowess!
A study in the July 1st issue of the ScienceDaily journal Sleep shows that more sleep is beneficial to athletic performance, faster reaction times and better mood in collegiate basketball players. According to the journal, this is the first time that sleep extension and the athletic performance of actively competing athletes has been properly documented.
Researchers at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Laboratory in Stanford reported that elite athletes showed improvement in several areas including higher accuracy and faster sprinting times
“Subjects also demonstrated faster reaction time, decreased levels of daytime sleepiness, and mood improvements.”
Mah suggests athletes should consider their sleep at night an integral part of attaining peak performance.
Extending sleep times for several weeks before competition it seems can provide great results!