Replacement Sofa bed mattress

Is your Sofabed mattress a bit embarrassing, thin, flat and worn out?

Is the sofa ok but the sofa bed mattress just needs a replacement?

Good news! Don’t throw away your sofa bed. We have available, in stock for Same Day dispatch a choice of replacement SofaBed Mattresses available in either all foam or spring interior mattress.

There are a few different sizes available of replacement sofabed mattress, so we advise you to measure your existing sofa bed mattress first to see which replacement mattress is most suitable.

Types of Sofabed Mattress

There are typically 2 types of metal action sofabed and mattress.

  1.  2 fold mechanism. This is where the mechanism folds the mattress in half. Typically the mattress in this sofabed is a sprung mattress
  2. 3 fold mechanism. This is where the mechanism folds the mattress twice. Typically the mattress in this sofabed is foam.

You can only put a foam mattress in a 3 fold mechanism, this is because a sofa bed mattress made from springs can’t really be folded twice, whereas a foam mattress can more easily be folded twice because it is foam.

Our replacement sofabed mattresses

We offer both a spring or foam mattress and in 2 sizes and we have them in stock.

The foam mattress is made from high density, reflex foam. It has a soft outer fabric, and between this outer fabric and the foam are layers of hollow fibres/polyester to provide a softer layer of comfort on top of the reflex foam.

The sprung replacement sofa bed mattress has over 310 springs within the mattress, providing more of a traditional sprung feel that we are all used to. On top of the springs is a layer of high density foam, then layers of hollow fibres/polyesters. The outer cover is made from Belgian damask, which is very hard wearing.

Any questions, just ask!