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How do Heli-Beds offer high quality beds and great value for money?

How do Heli-Beds offer high quality beds and great value for money

For over 19 years, our family run business has been selling high quality beds and offering great value for money to our customers. In our last blog we explained why (& how) we provided same day delivery to most of England & Wales. This time we explain how we can offer high quality beds and great value for money.

We have learnt from many years of experience that building strong working relationships with our suppliers is key to achieving both high product quality and high standards of service from them too.

We travel the world

We buy beds to our own specification from some of Britain's best bed manufacturers. We also source beds from abroad and regularly travel to furniture exhibitions all over the world. In the last year, we have travelled to Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Brazil to ensure we continue to source high quality beds and great value.

As well as visiting trade exhibitions, we also believe it is important to visit the factories that manufacture Heli-Beds products to review designs and specifications and to check that production meets Heli-Beds high quality standards.

Where possible we like to create our own exclusive designs, for example in our ranges of wood frame beds, metal bed frames and our mattress range.

Great value for money
Once we have agreed the quality specification, we do everything possible to minimise costs and provide great value. We place big orders and never buy anything less than a 40ft container of beds at a time, which can often contain over 1000 beds.

By buying in bulk, Heli-Beds purchasing power ensures we buy beds at the best price which means we can offer our customers great value for money.

At Heli-Beds we are proud to offer high quality beds and great value for money as well as the Heli-Beds same day beds service.

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