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4ft6 Hypnos Hampshire Mattress


  • 4ft6 Hypnos Hampshire Mattress
Pocket Sprung

Was £2199.95...Sale Price £1699.95

The Hypnos Hampshire pocket sprung mattress is our exclusive, and very popular Ortho mattress from our range of top quality Hypnos mattresses and beds. Hypnos Beds, the makers of the most comfortable beds in the world!.

Features over 1100 ReActive No Need To Turn pocket springs (in the 150cm size.)

This outstanding hand crafted mattress contains deep upholstery fillings of pure cotton felt, layer of reflex foam and soft lambswool, with Non-allergenic white fibre and two rows of genuine hand side stitched borders to provide edge to edge comfort. Approx 26cm deep. The mattress has flag stitched handles and is vented to promote better air circulation and reduce moisture retention.

Firm feel.


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