Corona Virus (Covid-19) 

Here at Heli-Beds we are trying to as best as possible to provide what products we can. All UK manufacturers are now closing, resulting in a very limited choice of mattresses, divan bed sets and bases. Currently, our range is limited to metal or wood bed frames and headboards.We are in constant contact with our suppliers and delivery providers to ensure a smooth delivery. If you have any questions about stock or availability or for anything else, please call one of us on 01793 388605 (9am - 5pm) or email Thankyou.



A very high quality pillow made from 100% solid memory Foam.

A contour shaped pillow with all the benefits of memory foam. It has a lower profile and firmer feel than a traditional pillow.

As the internal pieces of visco react, the head sinks into the pillow giving ultimate support for the head and neck.

The soft knitted outer cover is zipped and is removable and washable.

DUSTMITE RESISTANT3-5 day delivery