A genuine, deep, 12.5g Orthopaedic spring unit with deep layers of upholstery including 'Reflex' foam which helps the mattress retain it's shape for longer.
The mattress is a genuine Orthopaedic open coil spring unit which is approx 26cm deep. A metal rod edge wire surrounds the circumference of the mattress to give more edge support.
There are handles on the side for easy turning and rotating of the mattress.
Air vents along the side to allow the mattress to breathe and stay cool.
Generous layers of soft hollow fibres are layered across the springs as well as 'Reflex' foam, which is desigend to help the mattress retain it's shape for longer and also provides a firmer feel. The mattress is then finished in a hard wearing, soft touch damask fabric which has a deep hand tufted finish on the sleeping surface.
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