Genuine, 12.5g Orthopaedic spring unit with deep layers of soft upholstery, finished with a deep layer of visco elastic memory foam and a soft knitted sleeping surface.
This model of mattress is not 'tufted' (buttons as commonly described as). Instead, this mattress is micro quilted, so there are no 'buttons' (tufts) on this mattress, so it has a smoother finish to it, which some people prefer.
The visco elastic memory foam responds to body heat and provides full body support.
With a firm rod edge wire around the circumference of the mattress, this ensures 'edge to edge' sleeping, without the feeling of rolling out of bed.
Handles on the side of the mattress allow for easier rotating of the mattress, and the mattress also has air vents to allow the mattress to breathe and stay cool.
Approx 25cm deep.
medium firm Firmnessopen coilmemory foamDUSTMITE RESISTANTno turnselect day delivery